Hakomotokan Konya Japanese 
Address : 19-1 Konya-machi Yamatokoriyama city Nara. 639-1148 Japan
Telephone : 0743-58-5531 / Facsimile : 0743-58-5541

"Hakomotokan Konya" is a sightseeing spot in Yamatokoriyama city that is famous for its farming of goldfish in Japan.
The various techniques of the art of goldfish making are displayed at the old indigo dyer's house.
Traditional indigo dyeing experience is also available.
You can feel transported in time to old Japan.

Open 9:00-17:00
Closed Mondays and 12/28-1/4
(When Monday is a national holiday, the museum is open on Monday and closes the following Tuesday. When Monday is the middle of an extended holiday, the museum is open throughout the holiday period and closes the first weekday thereafter.)
Admissions Adults\300-/Children(Elementary/Jr. high school students)\100-

Exhibition space (Goldfish collection)

We have more than 1,000 industrial art objects relating to goldfish, and our stunning display is regularly rotated.

Indigo dyeing studio

How about making your own original indigo-dyed goods?
Indigo dyeing fees :
  Handkerchief(50×50cm)\1,200-    etc.
Indigo dyeing time :

The products are only our originals. It is recommended that a reservation is made in advance for indigo dyeing.